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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Benefits of Hemp and Cotton yarn

Hemp and cotton yarn are not only beautiful, but good for you!! Hemp and cotton yarn is vegan,  good for the environment, and is perfect for sensitive skin.  It is soft and available  in a wide variety of colors.  It is available all over Etsy and other internet websites.  I prefer buying it from small businesses and individuals that spin the yarn themselves and if you don't have a local store or place to purchase then you should definitely try shopping online on Etsy.

What is hemp you ask? The following is great information for those who don't know all it's benefits: 

Hemp is a natural fiber from the cannabis sativa plant (no, it's not pot or the wacky tabacky) it is specifically produced for yielding long soft fibers.

Benefits as Clothing
*Ultra absorbant (perfect for cloth diapers!!)
*Washer and dryer friendly
      ~will not shrink
      ~gets softer each time you wash & dry
*Holds shape
*Acts like wool in that it breathes, absorbing moisture to cool the skin in hot weather and insulating in cold temps
*Blocks harmful uv rays
*3X stronger than cotton

Benefits to Environment
*Improves soil structure
      ~Root system is large (up to 3ft), anchors and protects soil from erosion
      ~Replenishes nitrogen and nutrients
*Biodegradable, Recyclable, and Reusable
*Grows very fast allowing large yields in every climate
*No herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers needed due to fast growing wide canopy of leaves. (Production of cotton consumes almost one half of the nation's ag chemicals used)
*Cleans up toxins from the ground through the process of phytoremediation

Other Uses for Hemp
*Paints & Cleaners
*Building Materials

Be sure to check out my shop for items made using cotton yarn and cotton hemp yarn!! Link is on the  right side of this blog.

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